A message from Mayor Jeff Williams


An extreme term limit proposition is on the November ballot.

An Arlington resident admitted at a City Council meeting that he misled voters to get them to sign the petition to place an extreme term limit proposition on the November ballot that limits service to just six years. The proposed rule would be retroactive – meaning our Mayor and 2/3rds of our Councilmembers would have to step down soon and could never run again. 

Click HERE to watch City Council video.

Don’t limit Arlington’s success.

Arlington is ranked as the best-run city in Texas with a Triple A bond rating, has the lowest sales tax rate in North Texas, and enjoys a property tax rate far below Dallas and Fort Worth*. The strict term limits proposed would jeopardize our future at a time when our city is prospering by creating uncertainty and scaring away new businesses and jobs.

It’s smarter to develop a more reasonable plan.

Instead of an overly strict term limit proposition that removes our Mayor and 2/3rds of our City Council, let’s work together like we always have to gather a broad and diverse citizens’ committee to develop a more reasonable term limit proposal that protects the stability and prosperity of our city.

Proposition is most likely unconstitutional.

The term limit proposition is retroactive with a lifetime ban that would forbid current elected leaders from ever running for City Council again. These extreme and radical components make this proposition the most restrictive in the nation, are most likely unconstitutional – and will force City Hall into court costing taxpayers millions of dollars.